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Dirk Marais

Art Director

Ceraunophile - (n) a person who loves lightning and thunder.

For Dirk art and design was the bee’s knees since an ankle-biter age, which later turned into a passion he pursued when he bobbed off to refine his tricks of the trade by studying Graphic Design. With more than 7 years’ of design and marketing experience in his trunk, Dirk is "loco" about thinking creatively and providing clients with the best possible product.

In his free time, Dirk is usually kicking it with friends, watching rugby, and having a good old-fashioned South African braai. Usually goofing off as an avid gamer, he enjoys the challenges and experiencing a digital story drenched in action, drama and intrigue.

Bianca Coetzee

Junior Graphic Designer

Aesthete - (n) a person who has a refined sensitivity toward the beauties of art or nature.


Since she was a rug rat, Bianca has shown great interest in art, modelling, and ear candy beats. After high school she pursued a career in the art industry and hit the books in Design, Fine Art and Photography for 5 years. During this time, she also gained a pretty punchy client base as a freelancer. Before she hooked up with Ipic Media, she worked in an eclectic photography studio where she served up slammin’ retouching, editing and customer service "Je ne sais quoi".

In her free time, you’ll find her sketching, articulating her vocal cords and reading. She is a classic night owl and feels most creative when night falls. She also has a boss time socialising with her friends and exploring new places. If napping and watching documentaries was a hobby, it would surely be one of hers.

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